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Request: Anciengers by Soluna17
Request: Anciengers
Request from Retahensid.  From Left to right: Red Rhino, Blue Sea Serpent, Grean Bullfrog, Yellow Bobcat, and Pink Griffin.
Original here: Anciengers vs Eye Guy 1

Made with a modified Ameyal template
Bandit Ranger Morpher by Soluna17
Bandit Ranger Morpher
My ESP Bandit ranger has a two part morpher.  Her bracelet morphs on her suit, while her pendant transforms her pedestrian cane into a weapon.  The braille along the sides spells out BANDIT.  I thought that since she's blind, it would be cool to have braille on her morpher.
ESP pendant morphers activated by Soluna17
ESP pendant morphers activated
These pendant morphers glow with a picture of each ranger's animal zord when activated.  The ESP rangers activate their morphers by saying "Power of the Mind...It's Morphin' Time!"  Then each ranger has their own morphing call they say afterwards to finish the transformation.  "Red Longhorn Charge!" "Black Orca Dive!"  "Blue Timberwolf Growl!" "Yellow Stallion Ride!"  "Pink Hummingbird Fly!"
Request: Sentai Timefox Platinum Ranger by Soluna17
Request: Sentai Timefox Platinum Ranger
Sixth ranger for Froexd's Timefox.

Original: Platnium Time Fox Ranger

I made a lot of changes to this one.  The bulky nature of the armor just didn't fit right on a female and to be honest, I didn't even notice that it was supposed to be a girl until I was already almost finished this picture.  When I made the adjustments for the template, the armor ended up resembling more of an owl than an eagle or hawk.  Because of this, I ended up modeling the helmet after a barn owl.  I also added more blue-violet to the suit so it didn't look weird with a blue-violet helmet on a crimson body.  I also took some liberties with the color and layout of the armor.  I figured if you planned on calling it a platinum ranger, you should at least have some platinum undertones.  The original didn't have any platinum color in it at all.  

Made with a modified Ameyal template.
Request: Power Rangers Bug Exterminators by Soluna17
Request: Power Rangers Bug Exterminators

I was asked to create a team based on different insect species.  The first five are:
Red Rhino Beetle Ranger

Blue Stag Beetle Ranger
Yellow Wasp Ranger
Pink Ladybug Ranger
Green Grasshopper Ranger

These costumes are inspired by Wild Force costumes and Jungle Fury costumes, with Kamen Rider style scarves

The final ranger, the White Hercules Beetle Ranger was inspired by Wild Force and Jungle Fury as well as Mighty-Morphin's white ranger.  I went with an armored look for this ranger. He also has a Kamen Rider type scarf.

Since the rangers are exterminators, I decided on a a simple crimson "no" symbol for the belt.

Made with modified Ameyal templates.
Unless I post an entry specifically stating that requests are closed, you can assume that I am taking requests.  I'm starting school again, so it might take me a bit longer to complete, but I'm always up for new challenges.  As long as you don't mind waiting an indeterminate amount of time, feel free to leave your request on my profile page. I do pixel art of power rangers/super sentai, angels and fairies.  I'm branching out, so if you have a pixel request of something else that is humanoid, I'll see what I can do.  I also work with HeroMachine 3 and Doll Divine. Requests will be posted in the order received.


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Andr-uril Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, Soluna. How would you feel about me asking Rangeranime for a request of your old Planeteer Rangers?
Soluna17 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I'm gonna have to say no. It was one thing to have him do a request I did for you, but if I want my own work done by him, I'll ask myself. Besides, I was actually planning on going back to those and doing a redesign.
conlimic000 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
how about shuriken sentai ninningers?
DerpMP6 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hey, Soluna17. Long time no see.

Here's the request I have.

Power Rangers Cardcaptors
Information will be found here:…

Suit details:
*The suits is the mix-up of Goseiger and Gokaiger.
*The helmets are similar to Go-Busters.
*The belt is the transformation device. (The cards can be used for the belt, similar to Kamen Rider Blade)
Soluna17 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014
I'll see what I can do. Might be a while though. There are two requests ahead of you.
NeosTH2001 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014
I have a request:

Power Rangers Pirate Railers- 10 Years After Super Megaforce & Dino Charge
Crimson Pirate Railer- Has rails and wheels in the design, and has silver and gold accents
The rest are the same, except for colors, so here:
Navy Pirate Railer
Dark Green Pirate Railer
Violet Pirate Railer
Citrine Pirate Railer
Polar Pirate Railer(Icy Blue)
Soluna17 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014
There is one request ahead of you. When I get to it, I'll send you a mockup via notes and you can tell me if you approve or want to make changes.
Kgoku28 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the :+fav: really really appreciate it :)
Retahensid Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
Do you do request?
Soluna17 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
There is one ahead of you, but you can post one on my profile.  I'll get to it when I can.
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