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My request list is getting a bit long right now. If you have a request that you haven't posted yet, please hold onto it until I've finished the three I'm currently working on.
Once Upon A Time: Red Riding Hood cosplay by Soluna17
Once Upon A Time: Red Riding Hood cosplay
I combined a tavern wench costume, a red velvet hooded cape, and brown lace-up boots to come up with this outfit.  It has the convenience of working for 3 separate events: Halloween, the Renaissance Faire (pictured here) and Comic-Con.  It isn't an exact match, but it's pretty darned close.  Instead of carrying a basket everywhere, I opted for shoulder bag and hooked my camera around my waist.  I might bring a basket to Comic-Con though.  We'll see.  Comic-Con isn't until June, so I'll be growing my hair out for it too.
Request: Power Rangers Dragon Knights by Soluna17
Request: Power Rangers Dragon Knights

Each ranger represents a different element.  I tried to incorporate the dragons into the helmets in a medieval fashion.  The three on the left are called the Wind Knights.  The design is based on a mix of Dairanger and Mystic Force.  They are Red Fire, Blue Water, and Yellow Wind.  The three on the right are the Thunder Knights.  Their design is based on a mix between the thunder rangers from Ninja Storm and the Violet Wolf Ranger in Jungle Fury.  These three are Orange Earth, Pale Yellow Lightning (there was already a yellow, so I went with a lighter shade), and White Ice.  Finally, the middle ranger is the green Forest Guardian.  She is modeled after the White Mighty Morphin' Ranger with a flared collar.  I also gave her a mouth plate in the shape of a dragon tail.

Made with a modified Ameyal template
Request: Racer Rangers by Soluna17
Request: Racer Rangers
Request from conlimic000

I was asked to create a ranger team based on racecar drivers.  I got inspired by tire treads and pennant flags.  The main five are Racers Red, Blue,Yellow, Orange and Pink.  The final ranger is the mysterious Racer X (inspired by Speed Racer) who is an ally that never reveals his identity.  I went with pants instead of skirts for the girls in order to better fit the theme.
Request: Power Rangers: Herculean Might by Soluna17
Request: Power Rangers: Herculean Might
Request from anw-rev
I hope you like it.  As you didn't give the team a name, I gave it one that seemed to fit.

Request copied and pasted below:

I need a mythological animal-themed team, but different than the usual ones

They are from Greek myth, and actually those beasts defeated/killed by Hercules in his Twelve Labors

Since I only have five spots, I choose:
Red (female)--Hydra Dragon
Grey (male)-Nemean Lion
Blue (male)-Cretan Bull
Yellow (female)-Mare (man-eating horse) of Diomedes

Even though the theme is Greek myth, I don't want a toga-like or Greek soldier/helmet
I need them to be beast-oriented, with solid colors ala Gekiranger/Jungle Fury
No belts, and symbol of respective myth animals on their chests
They have stripes indication their position in the team, with five stripes for leader, and one stripe for Yellow.
I was going to have the helmets look like the creature's head, with the visor in place of their eyes

made with a modified ameyal template
Unless I post an entry specifically stating that requests are closed, you can assume that I am taking requests.  I'm starting school again, so it might take me a bit longer to complete, but I'm always up for new challenges.  As long as you don't mind waiting an indeterminate amount of time, feel free to leave your request on my profile page. I do pixel art of power rangers/super sentai, angels and fairies.  I'm branching out, so if you have a pixel request of something else that is humanoid, I'll see what I can do.  I also work with HeroMachine 3 and Doll Divine. Requests will be posted in the order received.


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