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Request: Sentai Timefox Platinum Ranger by Soluna17
Request: Sentai Timefox Platinum Ranger
Sixth ranger for Froexd's Timefox.

Original: Platnium Time Fox Ranger

I made a lot of changes to this one.  The bulky nature of the armor just didn't fit right on a female and to be honest, I didn't even notice that it was supposed to be a girl until I was already almost finished this picture.  When I made the adjustments for the template, the armor ended up resembling more of an owl than an eagle or hawk.  Because of this, I ended up modeling the helmet after a barn owl.  I also added more blue-violet to the suit so it didn't look weird with a blue-violet helmet on a crimson body.  I also took some liberties with the color and layout of the armor.  I figured if you planned on calling it a platinum ranger, you should at least have some platinum undertones.  The original didn't have any platinum color in it at all.  

Made with a modified Ameyal template.
Request: Power Rangers Bug Exterminators by Soluna17
Request: Power Rangers Bug Exterminators

I was asked to create a team based on different insect species.  The first five are:
Red Rhino Beetle Ranger

Blue Stag Beetle Ranger
Yellow Wasp Ranger
Pink Ladybug Ranger
Green Grasshopper Ranger

These costumes are inspired by Wild Force costumes and Jungle Fury costumes, with Kamen Rider style scarves

The final ranger, the White Hercules Beetle Ranger was inspired by Wild Force and Jungle Fury as well as Mighty-Morphin's white ranger.  I went with an armored look for this ranger. He also has a Kamen Rider type scarf.

Since the rangers are exterminators, I decided on a a simple crimson "no" symbol for the belt.

Made with modified Ameyal templates.
Red ESP Battlizer Armor by Soluna17
Red ESP Battlizer Armor
I was fooling around on HeroMachine and I made battlizer armor for my Red ESP ranger.  I modified it a bit in paint.
Request: Power Rangers Auxilary by Soluna17
Request: Power Rangers Auxilary
Request from TeiOuja

I was asked to create a team of rangers based on auxilary zords from 8 different seasons of Power Rangers.  Each ranger has a belt with a buckle that says AUX for auxilary and the letters representing their respective season spanning the sides.  I'm not going to lie.  This has been my biggest challenge to date.

From Left to Right:

Might Morphin' -- (special ranger) based on Tor the Shuttlezord.  Tor was from the second season so I modeled this ranger's costume after the white ranger.  Tor had both silver and gold accents, so I mixed the two in the armor design.  The power coin is meant to resemble Tor's shell Pattern.

Lost Galaxy -- (special ranger) based on the Zenith Carrier zord.  I changed the black portions of the costume to gold and added some shoulder armor.  The Zenith Carrier Zord was based on a shark so I tried to incorporate that while adding some blue outlines for the designs on the side.

Wild Force -- based on the Elephant zord.  The elephant zord was the sixth one discovered, so this ranger has six stripes just like the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

Ninja Storm -- based on the Sting Blaster.  The Sting Blaster was used by the Thunder Megazord, so I made her a thunder ranger.

Dino Thunder -- based on the Dimetrozord.

Operation Overdrive -- based on the Drill Driver.  The Drill Driver was made to dig deep underground, so I modeled the helmet after a miner's helmet.

Samurai -- based on the Swordfish Zord.  The visor is based on the kanji for "sword."

Megaforce -- based on the Stag Beetle Header.  I went with the same symbol as Yellow and Black.  There was already a black ranger, so I lightened the color to more of a deep charcoal gray.

Made with a modified Ameyal template

Here's the story behind them:

Story: In the not-too distant future, an old enemy has returned to threaten the Earth. Prince Gasket, once thought to have been exiled from the Machine Empire, has managed to amass an army of past Ranger villains to invade Earth. Almost every Power Ranger team on Earth has fallen to this unstoppable onslaught. 

But from the ashes of the Morphing Grid, eight lost powers are rediscovered by eight unlikely heroes. A new Power Coin is forged by Ninjor in the Desert of Despair. From Miranoi, a visitor from Terra Venture travels to Earth aboard the mighty Zenith Carrierzord. In Turtle Cove, the Wild Elephant Zord chooses the child of a former Ranger as its' partner. At the Thunder Ninja Academy, a student is given a chance to redeem her cursed legacy. At Reefside, a sixth Dino Gem is created from the ashes of Mesogog, choosing the child of a former Ranger to bring those who do evil to justice. At San Angeles, a new Overdrive Ranger is recruited by Mack Hartford. In Tokyo, a new Samurai Ranger is chosen to fight in Lauren's place. And at the Command Centre, Gosei summons an unlikely teenager to take on the mantle of the Charchoal Beetle Ranger.

Now, in Earth's darkest hour, these eight lost powers unite to form a group unlike any other. Abandoned by chance, united by fate, they are Earth's last defenders. They are the protectors of not only a Legacy, but also the future of humanity. They are the Power Rangers Auxilary.


Mighty Morphin' Viridian Ranger- Alex Scott. The son of Jason Scott, Alex is Olivia Stanton's second-in-command. Unlike Olivia, Alex is more hands-on in his approach. Having been raised in his father's shadow, Alex has a lot to live up to, both as his father's successor and as the leader of a team of misfits.

Lost Galaxy- Lt. Olivia Stanton. The oldest out of the group, Olivia Stanton inherited leadership of Terra Venture after her father retired. Having had experience leading an entire colony in her father's abscence, Mrs. Stanton is the group's mentor. At times she pines for her homeworld, but realises that Venjix has to be stopped on Earth before she can go home.

Wild Force- Alan Meyers. The youngest son of Eric and Taylor Meyers, he grew up in a fairly militaristic household. Though his two older brothers joined the Silver Guardians, Alan took after his mother, showing an interest in flying since a very early age. He moved to Turtle Cove after hearing reports of a Floating Island, but an expedition to an elephant-shaped cave led to him being given control of the Elephantzord. He is the group's tactician, often relying on his guts and intuition to devise new strategies.

Ninja Storm- Marah Wantabe Jr. Cam's niece, Marah Jr was raised by her mother and uncle to be the heir of the Wind Ninja Academy. When Venjix's army invaded, Marah was transferred to the Thunder Ninja Academy and given a chance to redeem her mother's name by becoming the Purple Thunder Ranger. Having been trained since an early age in the art of ninjitsu, the daughter of Evil now fights to protect the Earth.

Dino Thunder- Jonah Taylor. Son of Zachary Taylor, Jonah was born and raised in Reefside after his father married his old flame. But his life went crazy after he stumbled upon a Cyan Dino Gem in the Reefside museum, and it chose him to wield its' power. Inheriting his father's jokey personality, Jonah is the life of the party, but knows when the situation demands seriousness. 

Operation Overdrive- Natsuki Hartford. Adopted daughter of Mack Hartford, Natsuki is-for lack of a better phrase-the group's cheerleader. Bouncy and enthusiastic, Natsuki loves life and every second of it. Even if the odds look grim, she'll never give up hope.

Samurai- Alice Garcia. The daughter of a sushi salesman, Alice was perfectly fine running a sushi business in Tokyo before the Machine Empire invaded. Unlike her father, Alice is quite deadpan and cynical, having a dry sense of humour.

Megaforce- Thomas Mercer. The son of Jake and Gia, Thomas is highly individualistic, choosing to forge his own path instead of relying on his parents' legacy. He frequently clashes with Alex, unable to see eye to eye with the Viridian Ranger.
Unless I post an entry specifically stating that requests are closed, you can assume that I am taking requests.  I'm starting school again, so it might take me a bit longer to complete, but I'm always up for new challenges.  As long as you don't mind waiting an indeterminate amount of time, feel free to leave your request on my profile page. I do pixel art of power rangers/super sentai, angels and fairies.  I'm branching out, so if you have a pixel request of something else that is humanoid, I'll see what I can do.  I also work with HeroMachine 3 and Doll Divine. Requests will be posted in the order received.


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Power Rangers Pirate Railers- 10 Years After Super Megaforce & Dino Charge
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The rest are the same, except for colors, so here:
Navy Pirate Railer
Dark Green Pirate Railer
Violet Pirate Railer
Citrine Pirate Railer
Polar Pirate Railer(Icy Blue)
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