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Thunder Ranger Power Coins by Soluna17
Thunder Ranger Power Coins
The thunder zords didn't have power coins.  I thought I'd make some.  I found tribal tattoo designs online and manipulated them on Microsoft Word.  I was unable to recolor the yellow and pink.  The closest I could get was orange and purple, but I outlined the circles in the right colors.  Regardless, they would all be engraved in a gold color anyway.
Lashena's Flight Suit by Soluna17
Lashena's Flight Suit
Another version of my character Lashena.  Here's the original version of her wings:…  In this version, I added a gravity belt.  Lashena doesn't have a tail, so it's difficult for her to maintain balance and maneuver in the air.  The belt helps lower her center of gravity so she can focus more of her energy on fighting instead of struggling to fly straight and keep from crashing.  I also redesigned the gauntlets.  Instead of mostly copper, they are copper lined titanium with small strips of steel throughout.  I also put some light blue in her wings and her outfit to add some contrast and bring out her eyes.

Made with Taiko554's template with an Ameyal head.
Disney's Descendants: Mila by Soluna17
Disney's Descendants: Mila
I decided to make a more in-depth version of Mal's long lost half-sister.  The first two pictures show how Mila usually looks, both with wings out and retracted.  The third picture is what she looks like after casting a glamour spell to make herself look human.

Made with Taiko554's template with an Ameyal head

(None of this was stolen from you Taiko, so don't have a cow.  I only used the free base templates)
Disney's Descendants Original Character Symbols by Soluna17
Disney's Descendants Original Character Symbols
Here are symbols for all of the characters I made here:…

These were made with a combination of clip art, modifying images I found on Google, and MS Paint.

The Gaston twins each have a bicep because Gaston was all about showing them off.  (that and his chest hair)

Jimmy gets a hook hand.

Uri gets a nautilus shell similar to the one on Ursula's necklace except it's blue.

Aziz gets a genie lamp.

Connor has a medalion with three bears carved into it.  (a variation of Elinor's pendant in the movie)

Anders gets a snowflake.

I wanted to make Mila's symbol similar to Mal since they are half sisters.  I went with a variation of Mal's twin dragon heart with blue instead of purple.  I made it more angular at the top and made the dragons mirror each other. They are holding a magic staff between them.

Dai Yu gets a falcon with a golden eye.  (Shan Yu had a falcon named Hayabusa)

Lena gets a variation on Dr. Facilier's voodoo necklace.

Melody gets a gold trident that tapers off into a mermaid tail bordered by shells.

Stella gets a moon and stars within sun symbol that's had its colors inverted.  (It's supposed to play of the "dream" aspect)

Bridget gets a shy looking flower wearing a pink dwarf hat

Finally, Cecile gets a cute frog wearing glasses and a princess crown.
Any requests from the last three people whose request were filled: DerpMP6, Retahensid and, STORMERS-ATTITOONS as well as the previous three: SpiderSilk15, UltraChaser, and TeiOuja will not be accepted.  I am using a nine user rotation.  After these three are filled, SpiderSilk15, UltraChaser, and TeiOuja will once again be qualified.  As for everyone else, what have you got for me?  (I only do power rangers/super sentai, fairies, angels, and other humanoids.  I DO NOT do anime characters or megazords.)


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